Having become SA, the CCG will henceforth bear the brand “TAMWILCOM”

The Central Guarantee Fund (CCG) is transformed into a limited company (SA), bearing the mark “TAMWILCOM”.

A press release from the institution specifies in this regard that “after more than 70 years of achievements, the Caisse Centrale de Garantie is taking a new step in its history by transforming itself into a Public Limited Company, bearing the legal name of Société Nationale de Garantie et du Company Financing (SNGFE) ”.

This transformation, which comes under the provisions of Law 36.20 promulgated in July of 2020, is now enshrined in the adoption of a new brand name: TAMWILCOM.

The new identity, “clear and accessible”, thus carries the ambitions and values ​​of the institution and reflects its major objective, that of facilitating the access of companies to financing and working for the development of the national economy. , underlines the same source.

TAMWILCOM is a public financial institution governed by banking law, which represents the State’s sole stakeholder in terms of public funding guarantees. Its mission is to intervene, with its partners in the financial sector, to meet the needs of Moroccan companies, through a range of financing instruments adapted to each stage of their life cycle.



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