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Hassania of Agadir wins against Ittihad of Tangier

Hassania d’Agadir won 3 points, beating Ittihad de Tanger a goal to nil on Saturday, at the Grand Stade d’Agadir, on behalf of the 18th day of the Botola Pro D1 “Inwi”.

Agadir won 0-0 after finishing the first half 0-0.

At the start of this season, the Gadiris had won against Tangier on the occasion of the 3rd day (0-2). During the last season, the two formations had not managed to decide on the occasion of the 30th day (0-0), and the Tangier team had overthrown HUSA on behalf of the 15th day (1- 0).

Hassania d’Agadir unlocked the counter in the 90th minute with the only goal of the match, signed Jamal Chemakh.

Among the IRT players, Zouhair El Ouassli (66th) and Nouaman Aarab (88th) received a red card.

Following this meeting, Agadir, 17 points, climbs to 12th place in the standings, while the Detroit city club is bottom with 5 points.

For Botola’s next day, the Gadirie team will play away against Mouloudia d’Oujda, while Ittihad de Tanger will play at home against Olympic de Safi.



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