Hassan Mounir succeeds Mohammed Fikrat at the head of FIMASUCRE

The Board of Directors of the Moroccan Interprofessional Sugar Federation “FIMASUCRE” met on Thursday, November 04, 2021, and appointed Hassan Mounir at the head of the federation, replacing Mohammed Fikrat, who resigned.

After taking note of the latter’s desire to end his mandate as President of FIMASUCRE and resign from his functions, in order to pursue other activities outside the sugar sector, the Board of Directors decided to appoint Hassan Mounir, Deputy CEO of COSUMAR beet and sugar cane sugar factories, President of FIMASUCRE.

Hassan Mounir, laureate of the Mohammedia School of Engineers, has acquired more than 35 years of experience in the sugar sector, during which he held several positions of responsibility as Managing Director of several sugar companies.

His professional career is characterized by the management of major transformation projects in the sugar sector, both upstream and downstream in agriculture, in particular the rehabilitation of industrial units, the introduction of monogerm seeds, mechanization. of the cultural route and the digitization of agricultural operations.

On this occasion, the Board of Directors congratulated the resigning president for the achievements and developments made since the creation of the Federation in June 2007 for improving the performance of the national sugar industry, in particular:
– The first Interprofessional Federation to sign a program contract with the Government in 2008, as part of the Green Morocco Plan, and which was renewed in 2013, for the development, modernization and upgrading of the sugar industry,
– The first agricultural interprofessional organization to obtain recognition from the State in 2016, after its compliance with the provisions of Law 03-12 relating to agricultural and fishery interprofessions and its implementing decrees.
– Strengthening of the integration between agricultural upstream and industrial downstream for the sustainable development of the sugar industry.

For his part, Mohammed Fikrat thanked all the members of the Board of Directors for the trust and positive interaction with the aspirations of farmers, making FIMASUCRE a model Federation in the agricultural sector, contributing to the achievement of the expectations of its partners and of its customers, by placing on the market, a staple foodstuff, sugar, in all regions of Morocco.

He also praised the support and continuous efforts provided by the Ministries concerned, in particular the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development, and Water and Forests, with its various central and regional services, partners regional authorities, local authorities and COMADER who accompany the sector and continuously support it, in order to consolidate and develop the national sugar sector within the framework of the Generation Green 2020-2030 strategy.



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