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Has Morocco canceled?

The cancellation awaits the Negev Summit which should be organized for its second edition in the Moroccan Sahara. The cancellation would come from Morocco and for many reasons.

After the Abraham Accords signed between Israel and several Arab countries under the supervision of the United States, the first Summit between the signatories took place in the Negev desert in Israel, while the second event was to be held in another desert, that of Morocco.

The impact and scope of this second Summit in Morocco are of vital importance for the maintenance of peace in the Middle East and represent a test value for the sustainability of the Agreements with the Arab countries.

More than that, the holding of this Summit assesses the good faith and the commitments made by the United States and Israel vis-à-vis Morocco and its cancellation denotes a failure to respect them, which puts a chill on relations and poses questions about the sincerity and solidity of what the non-Arab parties have put on the table.

In recent days, doubts have surrounded the organization of this major event with rumors of a postponement, but at this stage there is talk more of a question of cancellation by the Moroccan side. In question, requests not implemented by the partners.

First point of contention, Morocco and Jordan have both demanded the presence of Palestine within the Summit so that it can have a voice and defend its interests but above all to open the field to a peaceful dialogue.

The Kingdom also has two other bilateral and political demands, including the opening of the American consulate in the Sahara, and the official recognition of the Moroccan Sahara by Israel, two things that are part of the Tripartite Agreements signed between Morocco, Israel and the United States. .

Finally, given the recent developments in Israel, Morocco does not seem satisfied with the turn of events, nor willing to play comedy.

The implications of a cancellation of this Summit will be indisputably negative for the image of the American administration and that of Israel and could show the limits and the fragility of the Abraham Accords at the bilateral and multilateral levels.

All the signatory countries of the Abraham Accords participating in the Negev Summit support Morocco, specifically on the opening of the American consulate included in the tripartite agreement.

The motto of these Agreements advocating a lasting peace in the region would no longer make sense, especially since the Moroccan demands are legitimate and it is the American administration and Israel who are trying to apply the provisions for which there is had a common agreement beforehand.

Morocco is a strategic country for the continuity of the Abraham Accords given that it represents the link between the different signatory countries. In the event that a problem arises for Morocco, all the Agreements will be threatened and thus undermine the credibility of the United States and Israel, which do not keep their commitments.

Israel’s position in this equation does not hold water, since it recognizes Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara on several levels. Proof of this is the organization of the Negev Summit which was to be held in the Moroccan Sahara, in addition to several declarations by Israeli officials on the “Moroccan Sahara” and the Israeli investment projects in this same region.

The United States, for their part, have undertaken to open an American consulate in the provinces of southern Morocco and already recognize the sovereignty of the kingdom over its southern provinces. Moreover, all the Arab States that signed the Abraham Accords support and defend the Moroccan character of the Sahara.



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