Hammouchi receives his German counterpart

During his recent meeting with MoroccoLatestNews, the German ambassador in Rabat, Robert Dolger, indicated that a German security mission would soon visit Morocco as part of Berlin’s desire to continue partnership and cooperation with Morocco in the field of security.

This was confirmed this Friday with the meeting between Abdellatif Hammouchi, Director General of National Security (DGSN) and Territorial Surveillance (DGST), and Dieter Romann, Director General of the Federal Police of Germany.

This interview, indicates the DGSN, takes place on the sidelines of the working visit of the Director General of the German Federal Police at the head of a large security delegation to Morocco, with the aim of developing bilateral cooperation mechanisms and strengthen the partnership in the field of security in the service of the common interests of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Federal Republic of Germany.

The sharing of experiences and expertise in the field of the fight against terrorism and the various forms of transnational organized crime was not left out in this meeting, which can be described as historic.

Dieter Romann, head of the German federal police since 2012, stressed that “cThis meeting embodies the firm will of the German authorities to develop security cooperation with the Kingdom of Morocco because it constitutes a starting point for advancing the bilateral security partnership on solid foundations of credibility, trust and the common interest. “.

He also praised the leading role of the Kingdom in the field of the fight against terrorism, and said he appreciated at their true value the information previously provided by the services of the DGSN to Germany concerning the threats associated with terrorism.

For his part, the Director General of the DGSN-DGST cluster, highlighted the importance of international cooperation in terms of security in order to neutralize the risks linked to terrorism and organized crime. The services of the DGSN and the DGST are ready to develop this cooperation so as to ensure the consolidation of security and stability, by providing a resolute response to the various threats and criminal risks, he added.

This meeting, which brought together Abdellatif Hammouchi and Dieter Romann, is part of the common desire of our two countries and their security services to expand bilateral cooperation to other areas, particularly in the fight against terrorism, illegal immigration and border security.

To do this, it is a question of developing more means and mechanisms of flexibility to exchange information and intelligence, expertise and experience, so as to achieve the efficiency and effectiveness of the bilateral cooperation process. in the field of security.



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