Hammouchi in the field to supervise security operations

Hammouchi in the field to supervise security operations

It is now usual. The director general of the DGSN-DGST pole, Abdellatif Hammouchi, paid this Saturday a visit to the Prince Moulay Abdallah sports complex in Rabat, to inquire in person about the implementation of the security protocol in anticipation of the Cup final. of African Nations of the category, which opposes in the evening, Morocco to Egypt.

Accompanied by senior national security officials, Hammouch personally inquired about the security measures and arrangements adopted by the national security elements to secure the meeting and ensure a smooth flow of people and vehicles around the stadium.

In connection with the subject, the municipality of Rabat has decided to ban traffic around the Moulay Abdellah complex in Rabat to host the meeting.

By virtue of a provisional decision of the municipality, traffic will thus be prohibited from 4 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on National Road No. 1, at the level of the Bni Mtaâ section and the deviation towards the Rabat-Casablanca highway.

The boss of the DGST-DGSN pole was warmly greeted by the public present, in recognition of the efforts made to ensure his safety and allow him to enjoy the show serenely.


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