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Hammouchi identifies a list of priorities, including digital identity

The Director General of National Security, Abdellatif Hammouchi, chaired the work of the annual meeting devoted to the evaluation of the annual report of the security services, as well as the measurement of the performance of the police. This meeting also made it possible to project oneself into future projects for the development of security services, and to anticipate the challenges linked to the fight against crime.

Abdellatif Hammouchi identified in his orientation speech a list of priorities whose central and regional managers must ensure their implementation, like the need to expand institutional partnerships allowing the exploitation of identity applications digital, securing, simplifying and digitizing the services provided to citizens.

He noted that this year, security services have achieved record and unprecedented seizure rates of more than two and a half million hallucinogenic tablets.

Thus, he insisted on the need to continue and strengthen operations to fight against crime and curb the factors that cause, in particular, the abuse and consumption of psychotropic substances and the fight against crime.

On another note, Abdellatif Hammouchi, stressed the importance of the fight against fake news and the monitoring of violent content as well as communication about them with public opinion in order to strengthen the feeling of security.

During this meeting, the Director General of National Security reviewed with all directors, governors of security and heads of regional and regional security their annual results, taking note of all operational aspects and recalled the objective of serving citizens, ensuring their security and consolidating the country’s stability.

In addition, the meeting focused on the preparation of an annual report of the various security institutions, in particular those which meet the expectations of citizens and relate to their security demands as well as security projects for the year. coming.

For several years, the DGSN has organized this meeting, periodically at the end of each year, during which all the directors of the central directorates, the heads of the poles at the general management, the security governors and the heads of regional security and region, as well as the director of the Royal Institute of Police and the director of the Mohammed VI Foundation for National Security Personnel, head of the national division of the judicial police, are taking part.



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