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Hajj 1443 H: Abdellatif Ouahbi leads the official delegation to the Holy Places of Islam

The Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Ouahbi, will lead the official Moroccan delegation to the Holy Places of Islam to perform the rite of Hajj for the year 1443 of the Hegira. On its departure Saturday evening from Rabat-Salé airport, the delegation was greeted by the Minister of Habous and Islamic Affairs, Ahmed Toufiq, and the Secretary General of the Superior Council of Ulemas, Mohamed Yssef.

Welcoming this appointment, Ouahbi said he was honored to have been chosen “by Amir Al-Mouminine, to lead the official delegation of Moroccan pilgrims to the Holy Places of Islam, in order to ensure coordination between the different contingents of Moroccan pilgrims and provide them with assistance and support so that they can accomplish their rite in complete peace of mind”.

The services provided by the Saudi authorities to pilgrims will allow them to perform this religious rite in the best conditions, he stressed.

As a reminder, King Mohammed VI had sent, on June 20, a message to Moroccan pilgrims to go to the Holy Places of Islam for the year 1443H.

In this message, which was read by the Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, on the occasion of the departure of the first contingent of pilgrims from Rabat-Salé airport, the Sovereign called on Moroccan pilgrims to represent as he owes his country to himself, by giving him an honorable image that is consistent with the strong adherence of his people to the values ​​of tolerance and moderation, to his attachment to doctrinal unity and to the principle of the happy medium and to the rejection of any desire for extremism.

Inviting pilgrims to be “ambassadors of your country in the embodiment of these noble values, faithful in this to your cultural identity and your national and doctrinal unity”, the King had indicated that he had given his high instructions to the Minister of Habous and of Islamic Affairs “so that he constantly takes care to deploy all the means of care and to provide you with all the conditions of comfort, so that you can perform your rites in an exemplary manner”.




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