Guatemala hails Israel’s ‘historic decision’

Guatemala hails Israel’s ‘historic decision’

Guatemala hailed “the historic decision” announced by the State of Israel in favor of Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara, reiterating its support for the efforts made for a “just and lasting” solution to the dispute in the Sahara.

A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicates that the Guatemalan government “welcomes the historic decision announced by the government of the State of Israel, on the full recognition of the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Morocco over the territory of Western Sahara, expressed by the Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, to His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco”.

The press release adds that “the Government of the Republic of Guatemala supports efforts towards a negotiated, just and lasting solution, with potentially positive effects to guarantee peace, stability and prosperity in the region, within the framework of respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco”.

The same source recalls that Guatemala “has repeatedly expressed its position on the initiative for the autonomy of the Sahara under Moroccan sovereignty, presented by the Kingdom of Morocco on April 11, 2007 to the United Nations, as the only solution. Accordingly, in December 2022, the Consulate General of the Republic of Guatemala was established in the city of Dakhla, Kingdom of Morocco”.

The press release finally underlines that “the State of Israel and the Kingdom of Morocco are nations with which the Republic of Guatemala maintains excellent diplomatic relations and friendship, but above all cooperation, and therefore welcomes this historic step in the process of optimizing relations between the two countries”.


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