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Great success for a colorful 1st edition

The Oriental Fashion Show (OFS) wrapped up the first edition of Morocco Fashion Week (MFW) on Saturday evening, with a parade evening celebrated with great fanfare in a grand hotel in the Ocher City.

This second and last fashion show of the MFW, devoted to couture, showed a succession of innovative ideas, designed by nine Moroccan and foreign fashion designers.

The curtain-raiser was made with the Lebanese, Gemy Maalouf, with an eclectic range highlighting a variety of bold and luminous colors and materials, thanks to asymmetrical cuts creating a vibrant atmosphere.

The hotel gardens, laid out as a fashion show stage, subsequently hosted the creations of Moroccan designer, Souad Chraibi, owner of the “Renata” fashion house, specializing in caftans made of prestigious fabrics selected from biggest brands in the world.

For his part, the Dutchman Addy Van Den Krommenacker, made famous for his dresses worn by the Dutch royal family, presented a collection of dresses inspired by the Gardens of Versailles, which dazzled the public present.

Under the spotlight, the Moroccan Wafaa Idrissi for her part staged her latest very glamorous collection, called five colors and inspired by the period of Covid-19, “which led us from darkness to light”.

In a collection that revolves around elegance, sobriety and fluidity, the Hispano-Moroccan Zahra Lahbabi, from the ZAZ house, shared with the public her passion for Moroccan tradition and the richness of its craftsmanship with a revisit of the Moroccan caftan.

Moroccan Salma Lazrak, meanwhile, presented a majestic traditional and vintage collection, in addition to pieces with modern airy cuts and old-fashioned embroidery, offering a bewitching journey between East and West.

The show continued with the creations of the Turkish designer, Zeynep Erdogan, adorned with jewelery from the Tru Tophills house, which, for ecological reasons, designs jewelery in the laboratory, using synthetic diamond technology.


The audience was also able to discover the collections presented by the Moroccan house Calmain, the Czech designer Jitka klett, in addition to the Moroccan jewelry house Diamant noir.

This event, followed by the specialized press from Paris, Milan, London, Dubai and Morocco, was marked by the presence of a panoply of celebrities from the worlds of fashion, music and art, at the image of Laila Aziz, artistic director of the Los Angeles-based fashion house, Kayat, who said she was happy to participate and encourage this great event.

It should be noted that the OFS, which since its creation in 2004 has organized large-scale fashion shows in the largest capitals of the world, is positioned as a leader in oriental fashion and an incubator of talent beyond borders.




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