gradual generalization of Amazigh from the next academic year

gradual generalization of Amazigh from the next academic year

The Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports announced, Thursday, the gradual generalization of the teaching of the Amazigh language in the primary cycle for the start of the 2023/2024 school year, on the horizon of a generalization overall during the 2029/2030 school year.

This project is part of the application of the provisions of the Constitution of the Kingdom, in particular article 5 which stipulates that Amazigh constitutes an official language of the State, as well as in the wake of the interest by King Mohammed VI to the Amazigh as an essential component of authentic Moroccan identity, rich in the plurality of its tributaries, and common heritage to all Moroccans, the ministry said in a press release. This gradual generalization is also in line with the legislative texts on the implementation of the official character of the Amazigh language, framework law 51.17 and the government roadmap 2022-2026.

In order to implement this national project, the ministry undertakes a number of organizational, administrative, educational, training and support actions and measures at the central, regional, provincial and local levels, with the aim of reach a coverage rate of 50% of schools offering education in Amazigh during the 2025-2026 school year.

The measures undertaken include the setting up of supervision and steering structures at all levels and the initial and continuous training of teachers in order to improve their pedagogical capacities. This consists of mastering both the distribution of classes and optimal management of human resources.

In addition, a system of supervision and regular support will be provided by pedagogical inspectors, by strengthening the use of ICT and promoting the use of digital resources in the teaching of the Amazigh language.

Furthermore, and within the framework of the partnership with the Ministry Delegate in charge of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform for the implementation of the official character of the Amazigh language and the strengthening of its integration in the field of education, digital platforms for distance learning will be made available to teachers and students.

In order to ensure optimal implementation of this project and provide teachers of the Amazigh language with the working tools necessary to fulfill their functions, kits, manuals and guides will be made available to them with a view to consolidating the of the Amazigh language in the linguistic engineering of the education system, the statement concludes.


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