Gov’t Will Continue its Efforts to Improve Living Conditions for Citizens (Guidance Note)

Gov’t Will Continue its Efforts to Improve Living Conditions for Citizens (Guidance Note)

The government will continue its efforts to improve living conditions for citizens, notably through the fight against social and spatial exclusion, as part of the Executive’s constant focus on achieving social and spatial justice, says the guidance note of the Appropriation Bill (PLF) for the 2024 financial year.

In this vein, the government has adopted a new approach based on supporting the demand for housing, by granting direct financial aid to people wishing to acquire a principal dwelling, states the note, addressed by the Head of Government to ministerial departments.

In addition, the Executive intends to find solutions to the problem of substandard housing, pursue the “Cities without Slums” program, as well as projects to rehabilitate buildings in danger of collapse and improve access to local services as part of urban policy programs.

The government will also take charge of the aspect linked to the preservation of traditional buildings and architectural heritage in general, and the upgrading of old towns in particular, because of the social, cultural and economic dimensions that stimulate and enhance the competitiveness and attractiveness of these areas.

In addition, the government will continue to implement the program to reduce territorial and social disparities in Rural Areas, which enjoys the High Royal Solicitude, in view of its effective contribution to reducing spatial and social disparities, particularly with regard to accessibility indicators, girls’ school enrolment in rural areas and the development of non-agricultural economic activities, opening up tourist sites and improving drinking water supply conditions.

The government will also implement the third phase of the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH), pursuant to the Royal High Directions, through the deployment of the various programs defined for this stage.


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