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Government-Teaching unions agreement, “an important step in the history of the sector” for the unions

The minutes of the agreement on a unified status for all civil servants in the education sector, signed on Saturday in Rabat between the government and the most representative education unions within the framework of the implementation of the roadmap for the reform of public schools 2022/2026, constitutes “an important step in the history of the sector”, underlined the general secretaries of the unions.

“It’s a very important agreement, but the most important thing is to move towards its implementation and the implementation of previous agreements,” the secretary general of the National Union of Education told reporters. SNE/FDT), Abdessadek Rghioui, stressing that this agreement stipulates, among its important points, “to open the field of off-scale promotion for all the categories which were excluded from it, in particular those who will be retired this year”.

“We are satisfied with this achievement and we still aspire to open a new rank for secondary school teachers and similar categories of administrators and others,” he added.

For his part, the secretary general of the Free Federation of Education (FLE/UGTM), Youssef Allakouch, considered that “today’s agreement is an important step which puts an end to a suspense which lasted of 20 years and which builds confidence in the sectoral dialogue”.

“This agreement crowns a series of more than 20 meetings held with the government departments concerned,” he said.

The secretary general of the National Union of Education (SNE/CDT), Younes Firachine, underlined, for his part, that this agreement responds to the most important demands, adding that “the major project awaiting us is the implementation implementation of this agreement on the basis of a statute containing provisions that enshrine the principles of fairness and motivation for all categories of civil servants in the education sector”.

“This is an important step to contribute and actively participate in the implementation of the important public school reform project,” he said.

For his part, the secretary general of the National Federation of Education (FNE/UMT), Miloud Mouâssid, described as “motivating and attractive” this agreement on a unified status for all education officials, knowing that it opens the chances of promotion for categories whose paths were limited, and allows all the files that have been the subject of discussions between the unions and the Ministry of National Education to be closed.

The report of this agreement comprises two parts, the first concerns the issues and files which have been the subject of agreement, while the second includes the commitments of the two parties, according to the text.

The files which have been the subject of an agreement concern the preservation of achievements, including the maintenance of current executives while working to create new executives, but also the unification of career development for all executives, and the creation outlets and bridges between these different frameworks and bodies.

It is also a question of implementing a new pedagogical engineering that achieves complementarity and harmonization between the different bodies, thus guaranteeing the principles of merit and equal opportunity between civil servants.

They also concern the improvement of the professional, social and moral situation of all civil servants as well as the evaluation of professional performance based on objective and measurable criteria.

It is also a question of moralizing the professional practice within the educational system, of securing school time and learning time, of establishing a new status to motivate the deserving educational and administrative team within public establishments of education and teaching and to include the tasks of pedagogical and school administration within the provisions of the new statute.

The new statute will set for the first time the objectives of improving and qualifying the performance of the teaching staff and will open up prospects for professional development, in addition to subjecting all employees to its provisions and requirements, granting them the same rights and duties. throughout their professional career as well as to cancel the statutes (12 regimes) linked to the executives of the regional education and training academies.



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