Government spokesman announces fund for earthquake relief in Morocco

Government spokesman announces fund for earthquake relief in Morocco

Government Spokesman Mustafa Baitas has announced the establishment of a special fund to manage the aftermath of the earthquake and to implement urgent measures benefiting affected populations and areas.

Baitas made this announcement during a statement at the Maghreb Arab Press headquarters in Rabat on Sunday night following a remote government meeting earlier in the day.

The newly created fund, referred to as No. 126, will receive voluntary contributions from both private and public entities, as well as citizens, to cover expenses related to the emergency rehabilitation and support program for damaged homes.

The fund will also address the needs of individuals in challenging situations, including orphans and those without shelter, providing essential support for shelter, nutrition, and other basic necessities.

The fund will establish reserves and stocks of essential supplies in every region of the Kingdom to respond effectively to various types of disasters.

Baitas mentioned that further meetings will be organized in the coming week following government sessions, and he postponed answering press questions until a comprehensive understanding of the situation is reached.

Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch will preside over a meeting on Monday, under royal instructions, to discuss the emergency program for providing support and rehabilitation.

Government Spokesman Baitas highlighted the immediate response efforts by various civil and military departments, as well as medical teams, which have been working tirelessly since the earthquake’s onset to provide swift assistance, aid victims, and retrieve the bodies of the deceased.

He added that more than 1,000 doctors, both public and private, and 1,500 nurses have been mobilized, along with the utilization of nearby hospitals and ambulance services to deliver urgent healthcare to the injured.

Regarding the suspension of educational activities in severely affected areas, Baitas assured that the government would find ways to continue education in the coming days through close communication with affected families.


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