Government launches first batch of aid for Al Haouz earthquake victims

Government launches first batch of aid for Al Haouz earthquake victims

The Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, chaired the 5th meeting of the Interministerial Commission in charge of deploying an emergency program to rehabilitate and help rebuild homes destroyed by the Al Haouz earthquake. The commission decided to allocate the first instalment of financial aid, set at 2,500 DH per month for one year, to the families affected.

In application of the High Royal Instructions, it was decided to start the allocation of emergency aid set at 2,500 Dirhams per month for one year, for the benefit of families whose homes have partially or totally collapsed, from October 6 to October 16.

Families affected by the earthquake who have not received financial aid during the above-mentioned period will be able to submit their grievances to the relevant provincial commissions for examination and decision.

The commission also decided to launch an operation to upgrade and widen roads, the first stage of which will involve opening and widening the road linking Ouirgane to Tlat N’Yacoub and the road linking Tizi N’tasset and Tafoughalet. It also decided to start allocating aid to farmers to rebuild the national herd, as well as subsidizing barley and compound feed in affected areas.

It was also decided that urgent reconstruction projects should be implemented immediately, with the launch of architectural and technical studies, including the reconstruction and upgrading of over 1,000 schools, the upgrading of 42 local health centers, the shoring up of historic sites, and the reinforcement and restoration of mosques, Zaouias and mausoleums.

In order to ensure the follow-up and financing of these projects, which concern the education, health, equipment, housing, culture, tourism, agriculture and habous sectors, it was decided to open credits of 2.5 billion dirhams through the Special Fund dedicated to the management of the impacts of the earthquake (126), in order to proceed with its immediate implementation.

During the meeting, the members of the commission affirmed that the government, in accordance with the High Royal Instructions, is working with determination to implement the reconstruction and general upgrading program for the regions affected by the Al-Haouz earthquake, specifying that the government has effectively begun implementing urgent projects.

The Head of Government called on the various departments concerned to continue their strong mobilization for the rapid and optimal implementation of the various axes of the integrated program, which will enable, beyond dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake and reconstruction, a qualitative leap forward in the economic, social and cultural development of the populations of the stricken regions.


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