Government efforts materialize

Government efforts materialize

Despite the late start and the various challenges of this term, the government has managed to make several advances, particularly in terms of economic recovery, said Saturday in Nador, Aziz Akhannouch, president of the National Rally of Independents (RNI) party. ) and head of government.

In his speech at the Forum of elected officials of the RNI in the Oriental region, Aziz Akhannouch, highlighted the continued commitment of his party, stressing that it is not limited to election periods.

He affirmed that the party is in constant communication with the inhabitants of different regions and that it engages in discussions on current issues such as the family code and the emancipation of Moroccan women. Moreover, he highlighted the recent dynamics created within the party in terms of organization.

Furthermore, Akhannouch asserted that the RNI is a party that works continuously and strives to contribute to the general interest. He expressed his optimism about future developments in the Oriental region, especially thanks to the royal project of the port of Nador. This project will bring major industrial and agricultural transformation, as well as employment opportunities for the citizens of the region, he said.

The Chief Executive also recalled the context in which the current government began its mandate. ” NOTWe started with a delay on previous programs and projects, and we had to face a difficult period marked by drought, a global crisis and an increase in inflation rates.” , did he declare.

However, he added with satisfaction: “ Today, we see the correctness of the measures taken by the government to deal with inflation and revive the national economy. Despite their number and the difficulty of implementing them in the context of the crisis, these measures are bearing fruit.“.

Akhannouch also stressed that the government program emphasizes the essential priorities of health, education and employment, while paying attention to other issues.

He noted that despite water scarcity and limited rainfall, markets have maintained stability in terms of price and supply. In addition, he highlighted the government’s commitment to support businesses and the tourism sector.

In the same vein, the head of government addressed the continuity of the introduction of new reforms in the field of rights and freedoms, such as the law on alternative penalties, the implementation of which is not easy in the current context. He mentioned the simplification of administrative procedures and the adoption of the Investment Charter, which have been the subject of efforts for many years, thus contributing to the improvement of economic indicators.

The RNIst also underlined the continued support for citizens through the Compensation Fund and the establishment of social protection projects, while managing the budget deficit and economic balances. He thus highlighted the reports of international financial organizations that support government programs and orientations focused on good governance, with the aim of preserving the future of Moroccans.


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