Government disburses the first instalment to rebuild earthquake affected homes

Government disburses the first instalment to rebuild earthquake affected homes

The government initiated the distribution of the first batch of aid for rebuilding homes affected by the Al Haouz earthquake on Tuesday.

Each affected family is set to receive 20,000 Moroccan dirhams to support construction work. They will also receive technical assistance in navigating the construction procedures, including specialized designs for the region.

Additionally, the second phase of financial aid distribution, as directed by the monarchy, began on November 1st, offering affected families 2,500 Moroccan dirhams per month for a year.

The government is committed to providing direct financial assistance of 140,000 dirhams to completely collapsed homes and 80,000 dirhams for partially collapsed homes. In October 2023, the first installment of financial aid, totaling 30,000 dirhams for a year, was already disbursed to affected families.

While the victims of the quake continue to struggle with both the aftermath of the September 8 earthquake and harsh weather conditions, the government had officially designated Al Haouz quake as a catasrophic event in an order signed by the head of Government, Aziz Akhennouch, on October 13. 

This decision was published in the Official Gazette on October 19 and identified 6 provinces as disaster-stricken.

 It initiated various procedures for the victims such as the activation of safeguards against the impacts of such events, and activated the Fund for Solidarity against Catastrophic Events to compensate uninsured disaster victims for damages caused by natural disasters or violent human acts.


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