Government aid goes into the pockets of owners of amenities

Small taxi drivers feel wronged in the case of state aid to support the transport sector in the face of rising fuel prices. The system grants the aid to the owners of amenities.

It is the owners of taxi approvals who have received direct aid from the State to support the public transport sector, in particular that of small taxis. But this attribution which seemed ” logic “ to the government contains irregularities which characterize this whole sector undermined by pleasure traders.

“I did not see the color of this government aid. I am in conflict with the owner of the approval for this”, said a taxi driver testifying to the situation which ” did not change ” for him and for many drivers.

In question, this government aid, the amount of which is estimated at 1,600 dirhams, was pocketed by the owners of the amenities and not the drivers who pay out of pocket for the full tank of gas. Rare are the owners of taxi licenses who have remunerated the money collected from the drivers.

In fact, not only are these amenity owners not affected by fuel price increases since they are not the taxi drivers, but they are also offered government checks for 1,600 dirhams.

“He got the money twice and let me pay full with the new prices. I am not the only one in this situation. Do you find it normal that a person who does not work, who has in his possession about fifty amenities and taxis, receives 1600 dirhams from the State multiplied by the number of his amenities by two? », another driver was indignant.

And another to explain that normally if the owner of the approval wanted to keep the money from government aid, he should allow the driver to deduct 50 dirhams per day from what he owes the driver (on average 250 dirhams per driver out of full tank), which would amount to 1500 per month.



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