Google: The abandonment of “third-party cookies” postponed to 2023

Google announced Thursday the postponement of the phasing out of third-party cookies in its Chrome browser until 2023, a year later than expected.

On its official blog, Google specifies that it needs more time to offer new alternatives to these tracers used in the sale of advertising space.

He added: “We have made significant progress on our new Privacy Sandbox initiative. However, it is clear that we need more time to ensure its proper deployment throughout our ecosystem ”.

This new alternative system aims to allow advertisers and businesses to collect data on Chrome users while respecting their privacy.

Instead of targeting individuals, Google wants to use other methods of personalization, including FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts), a system that groups users into audience segments (cohorts).

“While considerable progress has been made on this initiative, it has become evident that we need more time to do things well across the entire ecosystem,” adds the Mountain View firm.

This new Google deadline gives publishers more time to get used to a post-cookie world and migrate their services.



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