Glovo claims no data leaks amid fraud allegations

Glovo claims no data leaks amid fraud allegations

Amid controversy over allegations of fraud and lack of customer protection data, delivery company Glovo finally addressed the matter, claiming that it doesn’t store or retain banking data on its servers and that it hasn’t registered any recent data leaks.

The controversy first surfaced when Badr Labied, an affected user, took to LinkedIn to narrate his personal ordeal, shedding light on the broader concerns surrounding Glovo’s response to the situation, which was followed by several other customers voicing similar instances.

Faced with serious accusations, a manager of the Spanish company operating in Morocco, spoke to MoroccoLatestNews FR to better explain the situation as an attempt to salvage the company’s reputation from going downhill as it is a famous service used by thousands if not millions.

“We are aware of the concerns expressed by some users regarding unauthorized transactions carried out via our application and we would like to reassure them on an essential point: we do not store or retain banking data on our servers and no data leaks have been recorded from Glovo,” said the company representative.

All banking data inserted into the application is encrypted and stored in a secure server, in accordance with international PCI DSS online transaction security standards.

These incidents, which Glovo takes very seriously, can, unfortunately, occur when bank data is used by other people to make purchases on our platform intentionally or inadvertently, explains the same source.

Glovo “victims” have reported banking anomalies to the company’s customer service, which was met with no solutions, according to the declarations shared online and what one customer shared with MoroccoLatestNews.

The company stated that, in accordance with the law, it can only provide detailed information on payments made following an official procedure, which requires the user to report the transactions to his bank and then file a complaint with the police.

“Once we are in possession of an official police warrant, we are then able to provide all the necessary information to the authorities, such as the delivery address and the telephone number associated with the account. It is therefore essential for users to report the unauthorized transaction to their bank and to law enforcement authorities in order to obtain this information and enable a refund, which is fully supported by Glovo,” further explained the company representative.

Admitting to understand the frustration caused by this, the company believes that its approach ensures rigorous and secure data management while respecting the legal framework. 

Glovo believes in prioritizing the security of users’ data, by deploying international standards as well as using a “robust” real-time fraud detection system.


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