Global outage of several government and media websites

This Tuesday, June 8, a large number of websites, major media but also institutional sites such as the White House or that of the British government, woke up to a global failure of Internet access. The Reddit platform, the world website or the Paypal payment system were among the lot of sites facing access difficulties.

As for government sites, the site, which includes ministries and allows many procedures related to British public services to be carried out, indicated around 10:20 am the message “ Error 503 Service Unavailable “. At the same time, the White House website referred to the message ” This page does not work “.

The sites of major newspapers such as the French newspaper Le Monde or the American New York Times temporarily posted messages such as “ Error 503 Service Unavailable ” or ” Connection Failure “. This message ” Error 503 »Indicates a problem related to computer servers.

The specialist site for detecting internet access problems Down Detector, for its part, provided information ” may indicate a large breakdown at Fastly », A US provider of cloud computing services.

However, and around 10:30 am this Tuesday, some sites were accessible again after several connection attempts.



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