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Glencore and Managem sign a strategic partnership

Glencore and Managem have signed a partnership to produce cobalt from recycled battery materials within Managem’s CTT hydrometallurgical units in Guemassa (37 km from Marrakech).

This partnership highlights Managem’s commitments to support the electric vehicle industry in achieving its metal industrial waste recycling targets, Managem said in a press release.

Glencore and CTT thus intend to conclude a 5-year “tolling agreement” for 1,200 tonnes of recycled cobalt per year as well as for nickel hydroxide and lithium carbonate, specifies the same source.

“Over the next decade, the demand for cobalt is expected to increase significantly under the impetus of the green energy transition, with most players in the supply chain seeking to ensure sustainably sourced materials. We are firmly convinced that recycling will play a crucial role in meeting this demand,” said Imad Toumi, Chairman and CEO of Managem, quoted in the press release.

“Managem is fully committed to supporting the global circular economy through recycled cobalt, nickel and lithium, while recovering cobalt according to the strictest CSR standards. This partnership with Glencore represents a promising milestone in our development in this area,” he added.

This partnership is conditioned by a feasibility study aimed at assessing the commercial viability with the provision of industrial workshops within the CTT refinery for the recovery of cobalt, nickel and lithium from the “Black Mass” ( material ready for recycling).

The objective being to achieve recovery yields according to world benchmarks and a low carbon footprint, as is the case with the processes already used within the Guemassa industrial complex, notes Manageme, indicating that the hydrometallurgical plant of CTT will benefit from at least 90% green energy (wind farms).

Glencore will be able to draw on its long experience in the supply and recycling of products containing cobalt and nickel in its Canadian (Sudbury) and Norwegian (Nikkelverk) operations to supply Black Mass containing cobalt to the refinery of CTT.

Managem, for its part, will supply the lithium-ion battery recycling technology developed and tested in the pilot plant of the REMINEX R&D center. This technology allows a high recovery rate of cobalt, nickel and lithium from the Black Mass.

Glencore will market the recycled products to its global network of wearable electronics and automotive customers, as part of its ongoing commitment to support the transition to a low carbon economy, and to achieve its own ambition. of “zero carbon” by 2050.

This partnership is built on a shared commitment to a responsible cobalt supply chain. Both Glencore and Managem participate in the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) “Assurance Process” for cobalt. The KCC and Murrin Murrin mines of Glencore and the Bou-Azzer mines and the Compagnie de Tifnout Tiranimine (CTT) of Managem all comply with these standards and are also long-standing members of the Cobalt Institute.




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