GITEX Africa enshrines the King’s vision for a strategic partnership for a prosperous Africa

GITEX Africa enshrines the King’s vision for a strategic partnership for a prosperous Africa

“GITEX Africa” ​​places the continent at the forefront, in consecration of the far-sighted vision of King Mohammed VI in favor of the establishment of a strategic partnership for a prosperous continent, said, Wednesday in Marrakech, the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch.

“The Kingdom of Morocco is proud to host this prestigious African exhibition in view of the deep meanings of this event which places the African continent at the forefront, in consecration of the far-sighted vision of HM King Mohammed VI aimed at establishing a strategic partnership between the various actors in favor of a prosperous, integrated and united continent, through the strengthening of links and exchanges between African countries, the promotion of their promising potential and the consolidation of the foundations of a solid and sustainable African economy” , said Akhannouch, speaking at the opening of this flagship event.

This large-scale event, which illustrates the cultural richness, the civilizational influence and the continuous dynamics experienced by the Kingdom, is an opportunity to highlight the promising potential of the continent and the sustained efforts deployed for the development of skills in the fields technology and innovation, he explained.

And to continue that Morocco fully adheres to the digital dynamic dictated by globalization and remains determined to strengthen its position as a pole of digitalization in order to accelerate the economic and social development of the Kingdom, and to further consolidate its economic relations with the rest of the world, in accordance with the enlightened vision of the King.

“We aspire to guarantee public digital services to citizens, businesses and entrepreneurs. We are also working to create an appropriate ecosystem for innovative start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises, and to provide a dedicated platform for producing and nurturing talent in this field,” he said.

While “we are beginning the implementation of this roadmap”, the organization of this first edition of “GITEX AFRICA” in Morocco reinforces the efforts made by the Kingdom to achieve these aspirations, added Akhannouch.

Like the “GITEX Global”, which has been held in Dubai for more than 40 years, “GITEX Africa” ​​aims to be an international platform of advanced technology for all actors in Africa, from the private and public sectors. , he noted, noting that this event has the participation of more than 900 companies, more than 250 speakers and more than 100 governmental institutions.

Stressing that African businesses and economies are living at the pace of a tangible digital transformation as evidenced by the sharp increase (4.5 times more) in investments in start-ups between 2018 and 2022, the head of government explained that this pace unbridled digitalization is attributable to the Covid-19 pandemic and its repercussions, as it has had to adapt to the demands of this period in terms of consumption, production, communication and work patterns.

Africa has worked to consolidate its position as a fertile ground and conducive space that supports innovation and the development of talents and skills, thanks to its natural wealth, the energy of its youth and its multiple and diverse economic potential, Akhannouch noted, explaining that in light of the economic turmoil and profound changes the world is going through, technology has become an essential lever for international economic development.

In this sense, he said that after having recorded the creation of the first emerging startup with a capital exceeding one billion dollars in 2016, Africa now has a dozen unicorn startups across the continent, adding that this qualitative leap embodies the tangible attractiveness of investing in startups in Africa for international investors and global technology leaders.

He also indicated that “GITEX AFRICA” constitutes a unique platform for discussing the main opportunities and potentialities capable of making the African continent both a consumer and a producer of digitization, emphasizing on encouraging innovation and investment in this field in order to foster the emergence of unicorn companies, start-ups and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as on supporting technological innovations in sectors promising, such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and the protection of personal data.

And to add that the realization of this digital transformation requires, on the one hand, an appropriate business climate and appropriate governance capable of attracting investors and, on the other hand, effective investments in a reliable digital infrastructure. and inclusive.

“The purpose of digitization remains to improve the relationship of the citizen with the administration”, he argued, before concluding that modern governance requires digitization, hence the need to facilitate access for citizens to public services and to create a transparent administration.

Led by the Digital Development Agency (ADD) under the supervision of the Ministry of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform, this meeting brings together, for three days, leaders from the public and private sectors, political decision-makers, investors and academics for intensive exchanges between the public and private sectors of the future largest digital economy in the world.

The largest entrepreneurship event in Africa, “GITEX Africa” is an initiative of GITEX GLOBAL in Dubai, the world’s largest technology and start-up exhibition, ranked as the best in the world by world leaders in technology, and which makes a stopover in this first edition in Morocco, thus retracing its commitment to accelerate the development of digital infrastructures in Africa.


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