Germany launches new pilot project suspending claims in Morocco

Germany launches new pilot project suspending claims in Morocco

Due to the sharp increase in visa applications, the German Federal Foreign Office has decided to launch a six-month pilot project to suspend complaints relating to visa procedures in three countries, including Morocco.

Now that the travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic have been lifted, visa services are experiencing a significant increase in the number of applications, in some cases exceeding pre-covid levels, which hinders the rapid processing of the procedure in some countries and increases waiting times.

This is the case of Germany. ” Our visa services are not able to process this increase to the same extent for all visa categories. Some applicants therefore have to wait longer before getting an appointment to apply for a visa.“, in some countries, thus informs the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In order to create additional capacity for processing visa applications and thus reduce waiting times, ” we are launching a pilot project in China, Morocco and Turkey, in which appeals – this is what we call an objection against the rejection of a visa application – will be suspended“, insisted on explaining the ministry.

The federal department further specifies that within the framework of this pilot project, “ we want to examine whether the suspension can help our missions abroad increase the number of applications they process, thereby reducing wait times for all travellers. All applicants will benefit“.

According to the same source, the pilot project will last six months. The results will then be evaluated. ” If the pilot project is successful, we will consider extending it to other visa sections“, is it still underlined.

Furthermore, the decision on a visa application will be taken on the same legal basis as before. If it is clear from the documents presented that the conditions for obtaining the visa are met, the missions will continue to issue the visa.

However, as of now, the visa offices participating in the pilot project are issuing amended refusal notices in the event of a visa application being refused, in which applicants are informed in more detail than before of the reasons for the refusal.

Within a legal period, the German ministry continues, applicants can request that the refusal be re-examined within the framework of an administrative procedure or introduce a new visa application. On the other hand, the visa services no longer re-examine applications that have already been submitted.

Applicants who received a refusal notice before June 1 informing them that they could lodge a complaint may still have their refusal reviewed by the mission abroad within the time limit indicated in the notice.“, also indicates the German side.


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