German politician calls for expulsion of Mazraoui over pro-Palestine post; fans respond

German politician calls for expulsion of Mazraoui over pro-Palestine post; fans respond

A German politician has called for the expulsion of Moroccan football player Noussair Mazraoui, following his pro-Palesinian social media post, according to Bild. 

The 25-year-old Bayern Munich footballer recently shared a post on Instagram of a Quran verse that read “and do not think Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only delays them (i.e their account) for a Day when the eyes will stare {in horror}.” 

The implications of this social media post generated an excessive, unproportionate negative reaction that went as far as to question the future of the player at the club. 

In response to the post, a member of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Bundestag representative Johannes Steiniger, said on X that  “the club of Kurt Landauer, which was referred to as a ‘Jews’ Club” by the Nazis, cannot let this stand. Dear FC Bayern, please kick him out immediately. Furthermore, all available governmental means should be used to expel him from Germany.” 

Mazraoui responded to the controversy in an exclusive interview with BILD where he defended his stance and intentions saying “it is truly disappointing that I have to explain where I stand. There is a situation out there where thousands of innocent people are being killed. My standpoint is that I will stand up for peace and justice in this world. This means that I will always be against all forms of terrorism, hatred, and violence. And that’s something I will always stand behind.”

“That’s why I don’t understand why the opposite is thought about me and why I am associated with hate-filled groups. Today, it’s not about what I think or what you think; innocent people are being killed every day due to this terrible conflict that has spiraled out of control. We all must stand against it and speak out against it. It’s simply inhumane,” Mazraoui added.

“I want to make it clear that it was never my intention to knowingly or unknowingly offend or hurt anyone,” Mazraoui concluded. 

This wave of criticism attempting to curtail Mazraoui’s right to freedom of speech backfired with social media users and Moroccans, specifically, voicing their unwavering support for the Moroccan footballer. 

One X user, @TheBayernGuy_ said that “ Today’s Bild article about Mazraoui is completely impolite, unnecessary, and insensitive. It shows a lack of empathy from one of Germany’s biggest newspapers. May the media improve.”

Another X user, @MonKeyDBVB, wrote that “ we’re living in a world where you are accused of terrorism for defending opressed civilians. Disgusting article from a disgusting and racist media. All my support to Mazraoui.” 

Bayern Munich Fans also rallied behind Mazzraoui by defending his right to freedom of speech. One of them wrote on X  saying “ I speak for every Bayern fan when I say we stand behind Mazraoui.” 


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