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Generals fall like ripe fruit

In Algeria, there is not a day that God does without a general going to the cash register. The latest is Major General Abderrahmane Arar who has just been taken into custody.

ex-chief from the staff of the National Gendarmerie, he had been entrusted with this post after the flight of General Ghali Beleksir and his family in 2019. As in Algeria nothing lasts in the military, he was then admitted to the retirement in August 2021. In 2023, Major General Abderrahmane Arar has just discovered a new activity, that of being in front of his judges, caught up in military justice.

As in Algeria, one is never sure of anything and especially neither of space nor of time, and therefore neither of the place where he tastes the straw nor of the date on which he was brought before the military tribunal of Blida in this months, let’s just say it, he was placed under a warrant of committal. After having been heard for a long time by the capos in khaki of the military prosecutor’s office, he would, it seems, have recognized the charges for which and the rest, he is being prosecuted, “abuse of office” and “violation” of military orders ” …

Abderrahmane Arar enters the legend by being the third commander of the National Gendarmerie to be prosecuted and the second to be in detention since the new reign of the regime of the Algiers regime. The first was General Ghali Beleksir. But the latter, tried in absentia in September 2021 to 20 years in prison, had before that protected his back. The General had offered himself a sesame, for the modest sum of 130,000 dollars through the Vanuatu passport.

This document from the tax haven located in the south of the Pacific Ocean thus opened the borders of 130 countries without visas. Since then, the layered regime in Algiers has not stopped looking for him. It is that he is accused of acts of high treason related to the possession of confidential information and documents, with the aim of making them available to an agent of a foreign country.

Another gendarme general to have fallen into the net, general-major Menad Nouba was placed in detention, along with four other general-majors, by the military court of Blida, for abuse of office and illicit enrichment. He was finally sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2022 by the military appeal court, and in 2023 by the Supreme Court. We do not tell you the perks of property confiscations itou, itou.

We don’t know if the major generals in Algeria are springing up like mushrooms, but two other of them Ali Akroum and Abdelhamid Ghriss, two heavyweights in the Algerian military establishment over the past 10 years, have also, it’s the case to say, had for their rank. The gallons were sentenced respectively at the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 to 15 fine years in prison for alleged corruption cases that were made very serious. Definitely in Algeria with the senile regime of the capos of Algiers, it’s a moula nouba. And again, we don’t tell you about the others.



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