General drop in prices in all major cities of Morocco

In the third quarter of 2021, the real estate asset price index edged up 0.2% from one quarter to the next, the result of the 1.5% increase in land prices and declines in property prices. residential prices by 0.5% and those of goods for professional use by 0.9%. Regarding the number of transactions, after the significant increase recorded in Q2-2021, real estate sales declined in Q3-2021 to return to their historical levels.

On a year-over-year basis, the prices of real estate assets depreciated by 5.5%, with declines of 6.3% for residential assets, 3.7% for land and 9.5% for consumer goods. professional.

Likewise, the number of transactions fell by 10.1%, covering a decline of 17.1% for residential properties and increases of 3.2% for land and 10.6% for goods for professional use.


On a quarterly basis, residential prices were down 0.5%, reflecting declines of 0.6% for apartments and 2.1% for villas and stagnation for houses. Regarding the volume of transactions, it recorded a drop of 45.1% after the increase of 27.9% in the previous quarter.

On a year-over-year basis, prices were down 6.3%, in conjunction with price declines of 7.4% for apartments, 7.1% for villas and 1.3% for houses. Regarding sales, they fell by 17.1% covering a decrease of 19% for apartments and 14.9% for villas and an increase of 21.1% for houses.


The land price index rose 1.5%, quarter on quarter, and transactions declined 41.5% after the 32.1% increase recorded in Q2 – 2021. Year on year, land prices fell 3.7%. In contrast, the volume of transactions increased by 3.2%.


The professional goods price index was down 0.9% quarter over quarter, the result of decreases of 1% in prices for commercial premises and 0.3% in office prices. On the other hand, the volume of transactions increased by 1%, covering a 25.2% increase in office sales and a 3.4% decrease in those of commercial premises.

On a year-over-year basis, prices for business goods were down 9.5%, reflecting a decline of 13.8% for offices and 8.7% for commercial premises. As far as transactions are concerned, they have increased for both offices and commercial premises.

In Rabat, prices fell 1.8% quarter on quarter, covering declines of 2.3% for residential and 1.9% for land and a 3.3% increase in prices goods for professional use.

In Casablanca, prices experienced a quarterly decline of 0.3%, covering a drop of 1% for residential goods and an increase of 0.9% for land and 3.2% for goods for professional use.

In Marrakech, prices recorded an increase of 3.3%, compared to the previous quarter, the result of an increase of 1.6% for residential and 4.6% for land and a decrease of 3, 3% for goods for professional use.

In Tangier, the price index fell by 1.1%, covering price drops for residential goods by 1.3%, land by 0.5% and goods for professional use by 2.1%. .



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