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Game of musical chairs at the barracks security

The Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army of Algeria (ANP) Saïd Changriha, ultimately got the better of his best enemy, the Major General Abdelghani Rachedi until then, Director General of Internal Security (DGSI). From now on, the latter would no longer have to collect any information about him.

Indeed, the one who acts as one of the two senile patents of the Algiers regime, had pushed for the retirement of this general who overshadowed him and who had been directing Algerian internal intelligence since April 2020. He had then succeeded the controversial general Wassini Bouazza, the ex-brain of the clan of the late Gaid Salah. Except that there was no retirement, since the other senile of the Algiers regime with an unpronounceable name, intervened personally to block Rachedi’s retirement by granting him a reprieve.

And in a little game of permutation at the head of the intelligence services, General-Major Rachedi was appointed head of the Directorate of Documentation and External Security (DDSE) to replace General-Major Djamel Kehal Medjdoub who himself replaced him at the General Directorate of Homeland Security.

This last darling of the senile Changriha had the honor of being installed in his functions by the Iznogoud service in Algeria, indicates the Ministry of National Defense (MDN) which depends on El Mouradia. This little magic trick of the Muppet Show made in Algeria by way of a game of musical chairs reminiscent of a “turning merry-go-round“, has the reason to calm the ardor on both sides of the two entities (presidency and army). Each in his little corner was right, which, moreover, reason does not recognize.

We will retain for the anecdote this speech of circumstance: I order you to exercise under his authority and to carry out his orders and instructions in the interest of the service, in accordance with the military regulations and the laws of the Republic in force, and out of fidelity to the sacrifices of our valiant Chouhada and to the values of our glorious Revolution of Liberation”.

It is, so to speak, in the order of things of the regime of the Algiers capos. But on closer examination and although we may consider this minimal reshuffle, and desperate stab in the water for a loan for a rendering, why Rachedi at the Directorate of Documentation and External Security (DDSE)? The good man is accused well in addition to his friendship with certain influential advisers in the presidential entourage, his inexperience in the field of intelligence and a poor record during the two years and three months spent at the head of this so sensitive entity.

A graduate of the School of the Department of Intelligence and Security (DRS) in Algiers, and the Academy of Foreign Intelligence of the Russian FSB, he had directed security and presidential protection (DSPP) between 2005 and 2015 before being fired by the Bouteflika clan.

Sentenced in December 2015, he was cleared on appeal by the Algerian military justice before returning to the DGSI in April 2020. But it is known, for our two senile people, “outside” is limited to Morocco and only rhymes with that, nothing more. Are we to understand that the two puppets made in Algeria gave us another moron of the ilk of Amar Belani. Mdr as Thierry would say!

Nope ! there is nothing to say, nor to criticize the rest, the so-called “special envoy of Algeria for the Moroccan Sahara and the Maghreb countries at the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs” and Major General Abdelghani Rachedi , make the pair. And then the latter has to worry about, because despite this turnover at the head of Algerian intelligence, he will certainly remain in the crosshairs of Changriha who generally knows how to achieve his ends and who will most certainly reserve a dog for him. of his dog.




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