Gad Elmaleh’s show raises €435.000 for earthquake victims

Gad Elmaleh’s show raises €435.000 for earthquake victims

In a show of solidarity , a charity event featuring Gad Elmaleh among other comedians collected €435.000 to provide essential support to the victims of the devastating earthquake that hit Morocco on Sept. 8th.

The comedy event, titled “Show Solidarite Maroc,” drew a crowd of 5400 spectators who gathered at the Dome venue in Paris. The primary objective of this charitable initiative was to extend a helping hand to Moroccan families affected by the tragic earthquake, which claimed the lives of over 3000 individuals. 

Gad Elmaleh played a significant role in organizing the event. The funds raised during the show will be channeled through Fund 120, an organization affiliated with Moroccan authorities. 

These funds will be allocated directly to assist the earthquake victims, offering them much-needed relief. 

A portion of the proceeds will be allocated to support vital reconstruction endeavors in the impacted regions. 

Elmaleh said in an interview with BFMTV that it is important to maintain the commitment to the quake relief beyond the initial surge of emotions. 

“We must exercise caution, as the issue persists even after the initial surge of emotions,” said Elmaleh. 

For Elmaleh and his fellow comedians, this act of generosity represents a way to give back to their country and express gratitude for the opportunities it has provided them. 

Emaleh further said that “ as winter approaches, our efforts have not only warmed hearts but will also provide essential warmth and solace to those in Morocco who are currently enduring hardships. This mission is my heartfelt contribution to the nation that has given me so much.”


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