Funeral and emotions, Moroccans say goodbye to an icon of Moroccan song

It is a final tribute for a lady who will have marked many generations. Hajja Hamdaouia passed away on the night from Sunday to Monday, leaving behind a rich Moroccan musical heritage and many Moroccans mourning her passing.

The funeral of Hajja Hamdaouia, who died at the age of 91, took place on Monday, after the funeral prayer at the mosque of Haj Ali Houari.

Surrounded by her relatives, her neighbors, artists and undisputed fans who came by the hundreds, Hamdaouia was buried in the Achouhada cemetery, in a palpable emotion which testifies to the admiration of which she was the object.

Hamdaouia was severely anemic and had to receive blood transfusions at the hospital twice a month. Last Thursday, the Moroccan artist was admitted to the intensive care unit of a hospital in Rabat, where she died on Monday afternoon.

Hamdaouia’s words were strongly politically engaged. His music was a modern combination of aïta and chaabi, two Moroccan musical genres.

Many Moroccan musicians have made their own versions of his songs, which are considered pop classics.

In August of last year, Hamdaouia announced that she would stop making music due to her health problems. “I’m tired, I can’t do this anymore”, she said at the press conference announcing the end of her career.


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