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Funds of 324 MDH in 2022

The Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, Ahmed Toufiq, assured on Monday in Rabat that the ministry has increased the funds allocated to traditional education under the state budget, which have increased from 3 million dirhams ( MDH) in 2004 to 324 MDH in 2022.

As part of its efforts to promote traditional education, the Ministry has rehabilitated the structures of traditional education establishments through the construction, repair and equipping of school materials, furniture and interior fittings, and this , with a financial envelope of 782 MDH during the period 2004-2022, indicated Mr. Toufiq in response to an oral question posed by the authenticity and modernity group in the House of Representatives.

The ministry has supported traditional education establishments by providing food, books and school supplies, with an annual financial coverage of 15 MDH, he continued, stressing that the ministry has also worked for the development and the expansion of the networks of schools of traditional education on a national scale, the number of establishments having increased from 114 to 293, as well as the improvement of the material and social conditions of schoolchildren and teachers by increasing the number and the amounts of scholarships and awards for administrative and educational executives.

And to conclude that work has been done on improving the quality of learning, the openness of students to their social environment, the organization of parallel activities by bodies made up of 124 educational facilitators, in addition to programs annual sanitary facilities for the benefit of students and the organization of the Traditional Teaching Excellence Award for the benefit of male and female students.



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