FRS Iberia strengthens its operations in the Strait of Gibraltar

FRS Iberia strengthens its operations in the Strait of Gibraltar

FRS has acquired the Incat high speed vessel, HSC “Artemis” to strengthen its operations in the Strait of Gibraltar. The fast ferry, renamed “Poniente Jet”, has undergone a complete renovation, guaranteeing a high level of quality and finish.

Capable of carrying 640 passengers, 180 vehicles and up to 330 linear meters of goods, the “Poniente Jet” will be integrated into the FRS fleet in July. This strategic addition enriches the company’s offer of a completely renovated and modernized fast ferry.

“We are delighted with this acquisition. The integration of the HSC “Poniente Jet” into our fleet will allow our customers to benefit from fast and comfortable navigation, while maintaining the high level of service that FRS is known for”, said Ronny Moriana, Managing Director of FRS Iberia.

The arrival of the HSC “Poniente Jet” reinforces FRS Iberia’s commitment to providing high quality services to its customers, thus consolidating its presence in the region. The company will announce further details regarding the schedule in the coming weeks.

FRS Iberia continues to prioritize excellence in its operations, and the addition of the HSC “Poniente Jet” demonstrates its commitment to providing better maritime travel experiences in the Strait of Gibraltar.


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