From modeling to music

From modeling to music

Model Samia Slimani is preparing to dive into the world of music after years of success in fashion, modeling and shootings.

Trusting in MoroccoLatestNews, Samia Slimani has revealed that her audience and followers know her as a professional model and social media influencer. However, she finally made the decision to embark on the artistic world that she has long been passionate about, despite her initial apprehensions, thanks to deep reflection and the support of her friends.

This fashion enthusiast emphasizes that she took the necessary time to prepare to begin this new journey in the musical universe. In collaboration with ” effective muzik“, she is about to release a special song as well as a varied musical album, where she will collaborate with several famous artists. Many other surprises, supervised by its private producer, are also to be expected. However, Samia still keeps the title of the album a secret, until the release date and the promotional campaign approach.

As for her retirement from modeling, Slimani says that will not happen. Instead, she plans to continue to juggle all the disciplines she practices. In the coming weeks, she is preparing to travel to several European cities, such as Barcelona, ​​Paris and Amsterdam, to devote herself to her album and put the final touches on it.

Samia Slimani, daughter of Moroccan designer Karima Benmoussa, is one of the most famous Moroccan models. She managed to mark the world of fashion by shining on the cover of the most prestigious international magazines and by collaborating with great fashion designers in Morocco and abroad.


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