From Algiers, the political instrumentalization of the tragedy of Nahel

From Algiers, the political instrumentalization of the tragedy of Nahel

While the violence has spread and incidents have erupted in towns all over France, the regime of the capos of Algiers is determinedly trying to score points by exploiting them.

The senile Muppets show made in Algeria provided themselves with a press release in which the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported its “shock” and “dismay” after “the brutal and tragic disappearance of young Nahel (17 years old). )”, a “Franco“-Algerian national who, by the way, would never have set foot in Algeria during his lifetime.

Algerian diplomacy points to the “particularly disturbing and worrying circumstances in which the tragedy which shook France for three days took place. Algiers expresses its very sincere condolences to the family of the deceased and assures them that “his mourning and sorrow are widely shared” in the country“.

The capos of Algiers, as oil added to the fire, ensure, moreover, to make ” confidence in the French government ” For ” fully assume its duty of protection, concerned about the tranquility and security that (its) “nationals” must benefit from in their host country “.

The Algerian government continues to follow with great attention the developments of this tragic affair, with the constant concern to be at the side of the members of its national community in times of adversity and hardship.“, concludes the press release, while the situation remains tense in France.

The latter, one suspects, has not been emulated in political circles in France and has aroused strong reactions from local elected officials and members of political parties, particularly those of the Right and the far right. who in unison had a field day. On social networks, the press release from the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is interpreted as a form of interference in French internal affairs.

This is how Marion Maréchal Le Pen, vice-president of the Reconquest party, founded Éric Zemmour, invites “the Algerian government to mind its own business”. But she’s not the only one. Other French political entities did not hesitate to point the finger at the senile regime of Algiers and tell it to sweep outside its door. Amaury Navarranne, Regional Councilor of Provences-Alpes-Côtes d’Azur (RN), for his part decreed that “the Algerian government must, with insistence, invite all its nationals to return to live in Algeria”.

Even the “friends” of Algiers in the face of violence and others that set France on fire, rose up against the political recovery of the two senile from Algiers. They want proof of this that during the white march organized on Wednesday in Nanterre, Algerian flags and separatist militias of the Polisario supported by the capos of Algiers were brandished by certain demonstrators. It is clear that the latter were not there in solidarity with Nahel, but that it was to send an anti-Morocco message in France. But apart from these official reactions, the French web reacted with indignation to this press release. The expert in international economy and African geopolitics Louis Vallet reluctantly declared: “Fortunately, France did not take the model of the repressions of the Hirak or the Amazighs by the Algerian police state in the management of the riots”.

Moreover, the presence of Sofia Benlemmane, spokesperson for the capos of Algiers with anti-Semitic and anti-Moroccan discourse, unequivocally attests to political recuperation. She also did not fail to designate “Zionists” who would have burned French flags during the march, trying to incriminate… the Algerians. This comes weeks after Algeria reinstated an anti-French verse in the Algerian national anthem by decree. Moreover, the Algerian president with an unpronounceable name preferred to go to Russia and turned his back on the visit to France, which had become de facto null and void.

The Algerian regime has engaged in an unprecedented escalation with France. Because in the Shakespearian question that arises, by asserting the dual nationality of the victim in a Franco-French affair, the regime of the senile in Algiers brandishes the card of communitarianism. He therefore adds fuel to the fire to set France ablaze even more today in a powder keg status. Algiers exploits the Algerians in France.

This diaspora is the largest foreign community in France, with some 900,000 people. Unfortunately, asserting it has taken the form of scenes of looting, repeated thefts of damage to public buildings, and acts of vandalism in several cities in France with young people ready to fight it out who are still sowing chaos in districts.


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