FRMSU: Strong commitment to the promotion of urban sport in schools

In his letter to the participants in the national sports meeting, King Mohammed VI said that “the practice of sport is becoming, nowadays, one of the fundamental human rights”.

In this sense, the Sovereign had underlined the need to widen access to it to men and women from all segments of society – without distinction of any kind -, to disadvantaged regions and areas and to people with specific needs, sport being ” a strong lever for human development, inclusion, social cohesion and the fight against poverty, exclusion and marginalization”.

It is in this spirit that the Royal Moroccan Federation of Urban Sports (FRMSU) is committed to promoting urban sport, making it known, and providing it with all the necessary conditions to enable it to be unifying and inclusive.

Considerable efforts have thus been made by those responsible for this sector at the federal level, to make urban sports known and give them their rightful place on the national sports scene. Many local and national events have been organized in this context, and have enabled urban sports to gain popularity and notoriety.

This first objective achieved, the FRMSU now aims to promote these sports, not only in public spaces but also within schools by regulating them and giving them a sporting character after they have been practiced randomly.

Indeed, certain disciplines of urban sports, such as Skateboarding, Roller, Scooter and even Parkour, have begun to attract young Moroccans, who have made parks and streets their practice spaces in order to reveal their potential and enjoy their free time. However, some parents reject these sporting disciplines for the risks they represent for their children.

The Federation had already taken the initiative to change the perception of many people regarding this type of sport and to make them aware that its activities are no different from other disciplines.

Thus, to integrate the school environment, in an organized and institutionalized way, it undertakes to organize numerous activities relating to urban sports, at the level of educational establishments, in coordination with the supervisory department, namely the Ministry of National Education, preschool and sports.

In this context, the Minister in charge of the sector, Chakib Benmoussa, had indicated when presenting the budget of his ministry, that more than 2 billion dirhams (MMDH) will be allocated to the Sports Department for the 2022 financial year.

He also specified that concerning mass sport, the ministry will ensure, in 2022, to, among other things, create a local and regional sporting dynamic in the field of sports animation, and take an interest in and encourage urban and electronic sports with a view to to support future generations.

As a reminder, the creation of the FRMSU was the fruit of the Rabat Urban Sports Association (ARSU) which was created in 2010 by Jaouad Aouatif, a former skater. Like all sports associations, the ARSU association (Rabat Association for Urban Sports) has been able to bring together several Moroccan and foreign raiders, within the framework of the various events organized over the years, particularly in the city of Rabat, which saw the launch of the first skate parks in Morocco.

The FRMSU is a Sports Association which aims to promote urban sport as well as all its associated disciplines throughout the Kingdom in order to defend the colors of Morocco on the international sphere. It is attached to the Ministry of Youth and Sports under the supervision of the Moroccan National Olympic Committee (CNOM).



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