French police officer who shot Nahel released under supervision

French police officer who shot Nahel released under supervision

The French police officer charged with the murder of 17-year-old Nahel M. during a June traffic stop has been released from custody today but remains under judicial supervision, sparking renewed unrest.

Florian M., the 38-year-old officer, had been detained since June 29, 2023, following the controversial incident in a Paris suburb. 

The decision for his conditional release prohibits him from interacting with witnesses, approaching the shooting location, or carrying a weapon. 

The move comes as investigating magistrates concluded that the legal criteria for pre-trial detention no longer apply at this stage of the inquiry. 

Nahel’s death, captured on video, contradicted police claims and triggered widespread protests, highlighting long standing issues of policing, racial profiling, and systemic grievances in France’s marginalized communities. 

The unrest prompted a massive police deployment, involving 45,000 officers, but tensions persist over concerns about accountability and police conduct. 


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