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France’s international credit crumbles

French political scientist and columnist, Guillaume Bigot, addressed the collapse of France’s international credit under Emmanuel Macron in an intervention following the announcement of France’s policy for Africa and the crisis with Morocco. “We really fell out with everyone,” he said.

“Presided over by Macron, France, a power endowed with nuclear weapons, is really on the way to becoming a diplomatic doormat”, he was offended on Sud Radio.

The editorialist cites all the fallout from France’s foreign policy, both for countries committed to its cause and those it seeks to appease.

“For the repatriation of a Franco-Algerian, the government of Algiers recalled its ambassador to Paris”, he was surprised before listing: “Burkina Faso had already recalled its ambassador to Paris, Mali had expelled our ambassador to his country”.

In 2020, he continues, “it was us who recalled our ambassador to Turkey, it is true, after Erdogan questioned the mental health of Emmanuel Macron, no more respect either”.

Even with France’s allies, things are the same, he further notes, implying that the problem is rooted in the posture and ways employed by France’s Emmanuel Macron.

“Under Macron, France has recalled its ambassador to Washington, Canberra, and even Rome,” notes Guillaume Bigot, without citing the case of the submarine deal which was withdrawn from France and announced publicly without coordination. .

Even the France-Germany couple no longer exists since President Macron canceled the Franco-German Council of Ministers last October. “Paris no longer even pretends to play the little couple with Berlin”, declared the French editorialist, considering that this alliance at the level of Europe was the “heart of the reactor”.

“I fear that we will get angry with everyone”, retorts Guillaume Bigot, ironically on the “feat” in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia where the two countries have shown signs of clear mistrust, and with former US President Donald Trump and his rival Joe Biden, “when the French president patted the Democratic president in the direction of the hair before discovering that he had stuck a knife in our backs in the affair of the submarines “.

And the editorialist to give a layer: “Our relations with the Anglo-Saxon world are so degraded that the former British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, could not even say whether France was an enemy or a friend”.

In Africa, while Emmanuel Macron is on tour in certain countries, France’s retreat diplomatically and politically is taking place simultaneously with the growing rise of anti-French sentiment among populations in French-speaking Africa and the Maghreb, countries that France considers as its strategic depth, countries won over to its cause!

Anti-Macron and anti-France demonstrations have indeed broken out in Gabon and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

“French-speaking Africa with whom we had intense relations…, and by Emmanuel Macron’s own admission, France-Africa is over! And it’s not better in North Africa. We managed the feat of getting angry with Algeria and at the same time with its Moroccan rival,” continued Bigot.

On this subject precisely, it seems very clear that in France, as much among observers as politicians, they are aware that the rivalry between Morocco and Algeria is unilateral.

Even with this observation, the policy of the French State continues to support Algeria by displaying a desire to create “balance” between a nation that has only visceral and unjustified hatred for another.

One wonders why France strongly supports Algeria in its furious madness when it knows full well that by positioning itself on the Sahara file, it would have everything to gain or everything to lose with a loyal country which holds the some of her problems, and at the same time, would have absolutely nothing to lose with another who will continue to have ties with her and ambiguous relationships until the end of time to satisfy a narrative anchored in the post-colonial identity discourse.

The deal could be verified after the “zero effect” of Emmanuel Macron’s statements, very shocking for any other self-respecting country, which had no effect.



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