France threatens pro-Palestine demonstrators with 6 month prison sentence

France threatens pro-Palestine demonstrators with 6 month prison sentence

French authorities decided to ban any demonstrations, marches or forms of public support for Palestine, especially the Hamas movement, considering that “such actions are a form of support for terrorism.”

French authorities said that “demonstrations in public streets in support of Palestine are prohibited, and are punishable by six months in prison and a fine of 7,500 euros.”

The French Ministry of Justice sent a ministerial memorandum to French courts saying that “statements calling for a positive ruling on a crime described as terrorist (demonstrating in favor of the Palestinians), even if they are in the context of a discussion of public interest or claiming participation in speech of a political nature, constitute In support of terrorism.”

According to the memorandum, “Hamas is classified by the European Union as a ‘terrorist organization’, solidarity with it through demonstrations could bring back anti-Semitic crimes, which could threaten the physical safety of the Jewish community in France.”

The note stressed that “these behaviors (demonstrations in support of Palestine) harm the foundations of the French Republic, and call for firm and strong measures,” stressing the importance of “ensuring the establishment of a judicial prosecution against any actions followed by words, writings, pictures, or other things that harm the honor of the victims.”


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