France: The alleged perpetrator of the murderous racist attack imprisoned

The presumed French ultra-nationalist and racist terrorist, author of the attack against Kurds in Paris, admitted on Monday a “pathological hatred of foreigners”. The alleged perpetrator of the racist terrorist attack was not prosecuted for terrorism but was charged.

The alleged killer, a 69-year-old French pensioner, William M., suspected of killing three Kurds and injuring three people in Paris on Friday in a shooting in the center of Paris on a shopping street has been charged and jailed, an official said. judicial source, quoted by the French press agency.

The suspect, a man who admitted to an unhealthy hatred of foreigners, has been charged with murder and attempted murder on the basis of race, ethnicity, nation or religion, as well as unauthorized acquisition and possession of a weapon , said the same source.

Several French elected officials have denounced this “racist attack” by a “far right activist”. Terrorism charges were not brought against him, however, despite the fact that it was an attack similar in all forms to that of 2015 which targeted a hyper kosher or Charlie Hebdo.

On Monday, hundreds of people marched silently in Paris in memory of the three victims. The procession left around noon from 16 rue d’Enghien, the site of the shooting in the heart of the capital, and went to 147 rue La Fayette, where three Kurdish activists were killed ten years ago.


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