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France repulsive to the Ibero-Moroccan candidacy for the CDM 2030

If there is one alliance that has a good chance of being rewarded for obtaining the organization of the Football World Cup in 2030, it is that of the Spain-Portugal-Morocco trio, which announced in March a joint candidacy.

The latter, which responds in addition to sport, to diplomatic, geographical and strategic reasons, does not seem, however, to be completely unanimous with certain federations in particular, that of France, the FFF in this case.

And if we follow other looks, the link is quickly made, we simply have to see the French executive at work while this magic trio is a favorite against its other South American and hybrid rivals, Asian-Euro-African, either Saudi Arabia alongside Greece and Egypt, a bid which in all likelihood should be dropped.

Indeed, four other Nations have united to weigh in the balance, by presenting their candidacy joint at the 2030 World Cup, Argentina-Paraguay-Uruguay and Chile who joined them in mid-February. All these beautiful people want to organize the ” Centenary World Cup », a century after the first World Cup organized and won by Uruguay. Sweet utopia but quite respectable for the rest.

It is now that single candidates no longer have a storefront as they once did. Enlargement of the competition from 32 to 48 teams from 2026 opens a new era due to a need for infrastructures that rare will be the country to have to cover the event. Also it will be “a way of life” to see alliances created to bid for a World Cup. What perhaps, has not yet understood France, trying to look for lice in the head for the candidacy from Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

We do not see, moreover, why France is interfering in this historic first for a World Cup of football and moreover of the future than that of 2030 which could be played on two continents including its own, Europe and Africa. It is close to Spain and Portugal which a priori should rather lend to encourage this candidacy.

But disregarding this and its only voice, France, nostalgic for its colonialism in Africa, felt annoyed at not having been asked to express its opinion on the intentions of its “ex-natives”. What we can easily understand with the “Napolean” macronie which settles comfortably in France. We see it, it is as if France is losing its ancestors the Gauls.

It must be believed that France balks at its failure, on the diplomatic level with Morocco, in relation to relations between Rabat and Madrid, which have warmed up significantly after Spain aligned itself with the Moroccan position regarding the Moroccanness of the Sahara. unlike the Macron Executive.

The latter was all wrong since the Kingdom of Morocco never sought an alliance but was asked to do so. Indeed, theDiscussions for the candidacy of a World Cup take place from state to state and that is what happened. Unfortunately, we cannot ally with a country that does not share the same positions.

For 2030 the three applicant countries are close and the distances relatively short, only 14 km separating Morocco from the Peninsula. Very touristy, these countries are very well endowed in terms of housing, transport, health and have stadiums to FIFA standards and therefore strictly speaking, this amounts to more or less investment. Morocco has six approved stadiums in Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Agadir, Fez and Marrakech, and plans to build a new one, with a capacity of 100,000 seats, the largest in Africa.

It is therefore logical that Spain and Portugal after the “withdrawal” of Ukraine have seen that through the Morocco, there were a lot of positive strategic reasons, to save the file in view of the vote for the award of the competition which will take place in 2024.

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) has sealed some 45 partnerships on the Continent, which is as many votes at least out of the 54 Africans who will vote for (guaranteed by the Confederation of African Football (CIF)), in addition to those of the Old Continent, all committed to the cause of UEFA, except perhaps a clumsy France which wants to be desired, as if to confirm that the exception no longer makes the rule.



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