France / Pensions: 250 gatherings planned for Tuesday

France / Pensions: 250 gatherings planned for Tuesday

Some 250 rallies are planned across France on Tuesday, on the occasion of a new national day of strikes and mobilization against the very controversial pension reform.

At the call of the inter-union, which brings together the main unions in the country, this is the 14th day of action since January 19 against the reform, promulgated in mid-April.

For this new day, by which the unions want to show the government that social anger is not running out of steam, the security services expect to see between 400,000 and 600,000 people marching through the streets of France.

During the May 1 demonstrations, which marked the 13th national day of mobilization against the pension reform, the unions claimed 2.3 million demonstrators throughout France, against 782,000, according to the Ministry of the Interior. .

In anticipation of this new protest action, the intersyndicale has multiplied its calls in recent days to workers and to the whole of French society to make June 6 a “powerful” day of strikes and demonstrations carrying the demand for withdrawal from the reform.

This new day of protest, which comes on the eve of a potential vote in the National Assembly on a bill by the Liot group (Freedoms, independents, overseas and territories) aimed at repealing the postponement of the age retirement at age 64, enjoys the support of the majority of French people.

Indeed, according to a poll published at the end of May, 57% of French people said they support or have sympathy for the movement of strikes and demonstrations on Tuesday.

As during other days of mobilization and strikes, disruptions are expected in several strategic sectors of the country, particularly transport, education and energy.

Thus, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) has asked airlines to reduce their flight programs by 20 to 33% at several airports in France due to the participation of air traffic controllers in the strike.

The DGAC called on air carriers to give up a third of flights at Paris-Orly on Tuesday, while cancellations were also required for one in five flights from or to the airports of Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Nantes.

Since the start of the protest movement against the pension reform in January, hundreds of thousands of French people have marched over several weeks in demonstrations, sometimes punctuated by clashes and police violence, which are denounced in particular by human rights NGOs. humans.


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