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Four Moroccans among the winners of the 8th Katara Prize for the Arabic Novel

Four Moroccans are among the winners of the 8th edition of the Katara Prize for the Arabic Novel, announced the Katara Cultural Village Foundation.

This announcement was made during a ceremony organized in Paris for the first time at the headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), on the sidelines of the celebration by this UN organization the launch of the International Novel Week, from October 13 to 20 each year, at the initiative of the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara).

Thus, in the category of Studies on research and literary criticism, the Moroccan critics Said Fellak, Abdelmajid Noussi and Said Yaktine were awarded for their studies “Narratives, from structural theory to a cultural approach”, “composed text: study on the schemas of the contemporary Arabic novel” and “applied narratives: readings in the narrative of the Arabic novel”. The value of each prize is $30,000, while the prize committee takes care of the printing, publication and marketing of these works.

In the boys’ novel competition, the Moroccan Abdellatif Nila, the Tunisian Imad Dabboussi and the Egyptian Mohamed Achour Hachem, won the prize for their novels “The wonderful journey to Al Hamra”, “Hidden cities” and “Small wars”. . The amount allocated to this prize is $15,000 for each winner. In the category of published Arabic novels, the prizes went to Ezzedine Jalaouji from Algeria, Bouchra Khalfan from the Sultanate of Oman and Nabiha Al-Essa from Tunisia.

As for unpublished Arabic novels, the Syrians Noureddine Al Hachimi and Malk Al Yamamah Al Qari and the Sudanese Abdelkader Madoui stood out. The value of each prize is estimated at $30,000, while the winning works will be published and translated into English and French.



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