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Four dead and nine injured in an attack on a synagogue in Djerba

Four people were killed and nine others injured in an attack, perpetrated Tuesday evening, by a Tunisian security against the Jewish synagogue of Ghriba on the island of Djerba (southeast of Tunisia).

In a statement, the Tunisian Interior Ministry said that two visitors to the Jewish pilgrimage to Ghriba which took place from May 4 to 9 were killed and four others injured in this attack.

The same source added that two security guards were also killed and five others injured during this operation.

According to the same source, a police officer was killed by his colleague who used his personal weapon, before seizing ammunition.

The same source noted that the agent then tried to reach the vicinity of the Ghriba synagogue and deliberately opened fire indiscriminately on the security units stationed there.

The security forces managed to prevent the assailant from reaching the synagogue and to neutralize him, underlines the same source.

The Ministry of the Interior assured that the synagogue has been secured and that investigations have been launched to find out the motives of the assailant.

Organized each year on the 33rd day of Passover, the Ghriba pilgrimage is at the heart of the traditions of Tunisians of the Jewish faith.

According to the organisers, more than 5,000 Jewish pilgrims, mainly from abroad, took part this year in the pilgrimage to the Ghriba, among the oldest synagogues in Africa, which resumed last year after a two-year interruption in due to the Covid-19 pandemic.



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