Former French ambassador to Algeria praises Morocco’s growing role in geopolitical landscape

Former French ambassador to Algeria praises Morocco’s growing role in geopolitical landscape

In a recent interview with French magazine Causeur, former French Ambassador to Algeria , Xavier Driencourt, expressed his views on the evolving dynamics between Morocco, Algeria, and France. Driencourt emphasized that Morocco has gained a significant advantage over Algeria, particularly with the signing of the Abraham Accords.

Discussing the complexities facing France in its African relations, the diplomat highlighted the strained ties between France and both Morocco and Algeria. He noted that while France had heavily focused on Algeria, the efforts did not yield positive results. Additionally, relations with Morocco were distant, with Rabat seeking to assert its position vis-à-vis Paris. Driencourt stated that France found itself “alone and exposed” in this triangular situation.

Driencourt, the author of “L’énigme algérienne: Chroniques d’une ambassade à Alger,” underscored the numerous contentions between Rabat and Paris. He pointed out that Morocco might be leveraging the strained relationship between France and Algeria to advance its interests, potentially aiming to gain recognition for the sovereignty of the Sahara.

Commenting on the repercussions of Israel’s recent recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara, Driencourt described it as a turning point in the region, marked by the Abraham Accords. He highlighted the unprecedented arrival of Israel in the area and potential implications, including a gradual increase in political and military exchanges between Israel and the North African nations. 

Driencourt observed that a geopolitical divide exists, with Rabat, Washington, and Tel Aviv on one side and Algeria supported by Moscow on the other. He expressed concerns about the current strained relations between the two North African countries, cautioning that this power struggle could result in a delicate balance or even lead to potential escalation.

As the former Director-General of the Quai d’Orsay’s administration, Driencourt discussed the course France should adopt to regain control. He suggested that this would likely require a fundamental change in approach and methodologies, as significant efforts to rebuild relationships were essential.


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