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Forest fires: One dead and 900 hectares affected in Larache

Forest fires continue to rage in the province of Larache, despite the enormous efforts made by the local authorities to contain the fires and evacuate the populations.

Local sources said that until Friday, July 15, the body of a person “showing multiple burn marks” was found dead.

The area affected by the fire is estimated at nearly 900 hectares, with spread to some homes, the sources said.

In addition, we continue, the fire declared in the forest of Lambika in the province of Larache has been brought under control, while that of Sahel El Menzla has been surrounded. The local authorities have secured the transfer of 1,100 families from their homes from 15 points located near the homes, “in order to preserve the safety of the population and to ward off all dangers”.

Ground intervention teams, made up of hundreds of members of the Royal Armed Forces, the Royal Gendarmerie, the Auxiliary Forces, the Civil Protection and the Water and Forest Services as well as security and local authorities, as well as volunteers from the local population, are currently fully mobilized. As reinforcements, tank trucks, ambulances and four Canadairs specialized in fighting forest fires are deployed to control the flames.

As a reminder, local authorities had announced on Thursday evening that fire control operations were continuing, after a spread of fires accentuated by unfavorable weather conditions (high temperatures and strong winds). The forest cover affected consists mainly of conifers and secondary plant species.




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