For Baitas RAM and tourism go hand in hand

For Baitas RAM and tourism go hand in hand

The program contract that the government signed with the national company Royal Air Maroc (RAM) is part of the concentration of efforts, the objective being to promote the development of the tourism sector, said the pgovernment spokesperson, Mustapha Baitas.

Other factors are also to be taken into account, added the minister during the press briefing at the end of the government council, meeting this Thursday, citing in this regard the success of the national football team in the world cup, which allowed the opening of the Moroccan market to countless others, worldwide.

“There is no longer any need to demonstrate that this sector is naturally, one of the three with industry and transport, to be currently the most preponderant for the national economy”he assured.

Baitas did not fail to highlight the strategy that the Executive has put in place for tourism development, such as training, the restoration of sites and establishments and the expansion of the tourist offer to other destinations than traditional ones (seaside or tourist towns, etc.) an expansion internally and externally, he underlined, to which Royal Air Maroc should contribute with the opening of new routes.

As for the acquisitions and purchases of aircraft, this is the domain of the national company, indicated the government spokesperson. “What I can confirm, said Baitas, for the time being it is that at the national level the offer will be important in terms of services between the airports of the Kingdom and that other lines in cities other than the Hub of Casablanca will be launched to rally other points in Europe.


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