Footballer Anwar El Ghazi challenges dismissal over pro-Palestinian stance

Footballer Anwar El Ghazi challenges dismissal over pro-Palestinian stance

Dutch winger Anwar El Ghazi has taken legal action against his former club Mainz 05, following the termination of his contract in the wake of pro-Palestinian statements he made on Instagram. 

The German club suspended El Ghazi after he expressed solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza during the Israeli army’s attacks. 

His Instagram post addressed the severity of the situation, condemning it as genocide and mass destruction. 

Although Mainz initially allowed his return, El Ghazi refuted claims of remorse in a subsequent social media post, leading to his immediate dismissal.

El Ghazi, a two-time Dutch international and former Ajax and PSV player, filed a lawsuit challenging his dismissal, and the case is expected to appear in court before the end of the year. 

The abrupt departure from Mainz raises concerns for El Ghazi, as FIFA regulations typically limit players to participating in matches for up to two clubs in a single season. 

Having made two appearances for PSV at the start of the season, he may face a prolonged period on the sidelines unless FIFA grants him dispensation to join a new club in the next season.

The German club terminated El Ghazi’s contract, which was originally set to last until the summer of 2025, citing his statements and posts on social media as the basis for their decision. 

This legal development adds another layer to the ongoing controversy surrounding El Ghazi’s dismissal, emphasizing the intersection of sports, social media, and political expression.


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