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Foot: The local national team in preparation course in Maâmora

The national team of local players begins, from August 1 to 6, a training camp at the Mohammed VI Football Complex in Maâmora.

This preparation course is part of the preparations of the national team for the next deadlines, said Monday the Royal Moroccan Football Federation in a press release published on its website.

Here is the list of players called up:

1- Hamid Ahdad (Raja Casablanca)

2- Marouane Hadhoudi (Raja Casablanca)

3- Ismail Khafi (AS FAR)

4- Mohamed Ennahiri (Raja Casablanca)

5- Anas Zniti (Raja Casablanca)

6- Abdelilah Madkour (Raja Casablanca)

7- Adam Ennafati (AS FAR)

8- Ayoub Lakrad (AS FAR)

9- Mohamed Zrida (Raja Casablanca)

10- Alaeddine Ajaray (Maghreb Fes)

11- Mohamed Chibi (AS FAR)

12- Mohamed Rabii Hrimate (AS FAR)

13- Yassine Lebhiri (Mouloudia Oujda)

14- Ahmed Hmoudane (Ittihad Tangier)

15- Hamza El Mouden (FUS Rabat)

16- Abdelhak Assal (Chabab Mohammedia)

17- Mehdi Meftah (Mouloudia Oujda)

18- Hicham Al Mejhed (Ittihad Tangier)

19- Youssef Belamri (FUS Rabat).




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