Food industry: How to boost export capacity by optimizing costs?

Controlling production costs in a context of post-covid economic recovery 19 is a major challenge for preserving the competitiveness of exporting companies, particularly in the food industry.

To support Moroccan exporters in their efforts, ASMEX organized, in partnership with Direct Alliance, a webinar on the theme “Agri-food: How to boost export capacity through cost optimization?”. The objective is to expose best practices and prevent risks to increase the competitiveness of Moroccan agro-food exports.

This webinar, which is above all practical, was an opportunity for the two experts representing Direct Alliance, Aziz Benjelloun and Saad Kettani, to share their strategies and advice with participants in terms of cost management and efficiency: “Today, controlling the costs of product formulations is essential to optimize the overall cost base,” says ASMEX.

However, only intelligent optimizations that do not damage the product or its image in any way will help to remain competitive. It is therefore important to integrate sustainable and simple processes to make this productivity evolve in the right direction ”.

Among the keys to success put forward, we will mention the commitment of leadership, the establishment of a culture of generation and multi-functional and collaborative implementation of intelligent optimizations, the involvement of all of the company’s skills, a good understanding of consumer, commercial and regulatory requirements and finally the implementation of simple and effective governance processes.

For exporting companies, particular attention should be paid to regulatory and labeling requirements to better manage the flexibility of recipes and the performance of robustness tests and studies of acceptance and shelf life depending on the market destination.

The meeting was also an opportunity for the two experts to share some success stories of large Moroccan and international companies having succeeded in increasing their competitiveness thanks to the control and intelligent optimization of their costs.



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