FNM: Law 56.20 will promote the creation of museums with an official label

Published in the Official Bulletin on May 13, 2021, after its passage at the Committee on Education and Cultural and Social Affairs in the two Chambers of Parliament, Law 56.20 is likely to allow the establishment of a new legal framework. for the creation of museums, with an official label is aligned with the prerequisites and regulations in force in the international museum field.

According to the National Museum Foundation (FNM), the new text “will allow Morocco to register both on the Mediterranean and European artistic scene and to work on the protection of cultural property, the illicit trafficking of property and the endowment of museum structures with specifications ”.

In a press release, the FNM notes that in accordance with the royal desire to place culture as an essential factor in the development of society, Law 56.20 is the result of ten years of experience and know-how acquired by the FNM and museum establishments, recognized around the world, which have contributed to the development of the cultural and museum sectors.

Through this law, defended by the National Museum Foundation, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, the FNM “will put its know-how and expertise to work by supporting and accompanying public structures and private to comply with museum standards or create a museum “, and so-called” museum “spaces will have 3 years to upgrade, explains the same source, adding that” once the + museum + label has been awarded, this one will be subject to renewal at the end of four years, at the end of which an update will be made on the situation of the museum and the level of the collections presented ”.

For the first time on the African continent, underlines the Foundation, a law will govern the name “museum”, more than one hundred years after the creation of the first museum in the Kingdom, noting that it is in line with the law 22.80 relating to the conservation of historical monuments, sites and inscriptions of works of art and antiques, forty years after its publication.

While noting that the International Museum Day, celebrated on May 18 each year, marks a new stage for the museums of Morocco after ten years of existence of the Foundation, the FNM reiterates its commitment to do everything in its power to endow each city of the Kingdom of a museum by the forthcoming opening of the museum of Islamic arts in Fez, the music museum in Meknes, the museum of tangible and intangible heritage Jamaâ Lafna and the Bab Okla museum in Tetouan.



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